Zendesk Integration

How does the integration work?

This integration automatically pushes caller information to Zendesk as either a Ticket or User. This is a one-way sync.

Activating the Integration

From inside your AnswerConnect app, click the Manage button on the sidebar and choose Integrations.

Choose the Zendesk integration card. Next, click the Integrate button on the left side of the integration page.

Connecting Your Accounts

Enter your Zendesk username and the password to connect with your AnswerConnect account.

Next, enter the domain name, API token and Agent Email of your Zendesk account.

Note: The API key can found by navigating to Admin > Channels > API.

You can give your Zendesk account a name, especially if you are planning to connect more than one account.

Choose the target Zendesk list where you want your AnswerConnect data exported.

This is where you decide if your AnswerConnect messages will be exported as Zendesk Tickets or Users.

Completing the Setup

Map the AnswerConnect message fields to their corresponding Zendesk attributes and click Continue.

Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk.

Test the target to verify the contact fields are mapped correctly. Successful mapping will activate the integration.

Deactivating the Integration

To deactivate the integration, go to Manage, choose the Zendesk integration card and click Deactivate.