Serviceminder Integration

What does the integration do?

This integration automatically pushes caller information to as a new Contact or updates an existing Contact.

Installing the integration

From your AnswerConnect application, click on the Manage icon in the sidebar and choose the Integrations tab.

Choose the integration card.

Click the Integrate button located at the side of the integration window.

Connecting Your accounts

Enter your username, password, and API key to connect your account with AnswerConnect.

Click the edit icon next to the account to name your account.

Then, click Continue.

Select the target list where you want contacts to be exported and click Continue.

Map the AnswerConnect message fields to the corresponding attributes and click Continue.

Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk.  

Next, click the Test button to verify the attributes are mapped correctly. Successful mapping will activate the integration.

Deactivating the integration

To deactivate the integration, go to Manage, choose the integration card and click Deactivate