Why doesn't my invoice match the dashboard?

Your invoice has a time zone

Each month, we send you an invoice showing your usage for the month.

Your invoice is based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the time zone that serves as the global “zero” from which other time zones are calculated.

For example, Eastern Standard Time (EST) is sometimes written as GMT-5, to indicate that it’s five hours behind GMT.

Calculating your invoice in GMT helps us stay consistent and accurate for all our clients, regardless of where in the world they are located—especially if they operate in multiple time zones.

Your dashboard has a time zone

Meanwhile, you can check your usage any time on the AnswerConnect app’s dashboard.

Your dashboard shows your usage in your own time zone, whether that’s Eastern Standard Time (EST), Pacific Standard Time (PST) or something else.

We set your dashboard to your own time zone by default to make it easy for you to find the data you need.

Sometimes the offset matters

Since your invoice and your App dashboard use different time zones, sometimes they can include slightly different data.

For example, when the month of July begins in GMT, it’s still only 7 pm on June 30 in EST.

If you happen to get a call between 7 pm and 12 midnight EST that evening, your dashboard will show it as having occurred on June 30, but your invoice will include that call in July 1st’s usage.

Either way, you’re only billed once for the call. It just might not be in the month you expected.

How to align your invoice and dashboard

To make comparing your invoice and dashboard data easier, we’ve added a toggle switch to the dashboard, right above the graph of your data.

While your dashboard still shows data in your time zone by default, setting this toggle switch to “on” changes that.

When you turn on the toggle, your dashboard will show your data in GMT, the same time zone used to create your invoice.

You’ll also see a small note above the usage graph to tell you what date and time range is shown in terms of your own time zone.

When you switch on the toggle, you might see your number of calls and minutes used change slightly. That means you had one or more calls during the few hours when it was one month in your time zone, but already the next month in GMT.

Feel free to use this toggle to verify the information on your invoice, and let us know if you have any questions! You can contact our Customer Service team at (800) 531-5828 or customerservice@answerconnect.com