Are my calls recorded?

Your calls are not recorded by default, but call recording is available upon request at no additional charge. 

The FCC requires us to play a short recording informing callers that the call is being recorded, if this option is activated. 

You can activate or deactivate call recording on your account at any time through Client Web Access. 

Just log in with your username and password at or by using the Log In button at the upper right corner of the AnswerConnect home page

Then choose Call Flow from the menu, and within that, choose Profile. Scroll down until you see the Call Recording toggle switch and use it to turn call recording on or off on your account. Note that if you have more than one sub-account, you will need to control the call recording for each sub-account individually. Choose which sub-account to manage with the dropdown at the top of the main menu on the left side of the page.