How can I get my account set up

Great question! Now is the best time to set up your account. You have a three options to get set up: 

Option 1

Call us at  800-531-5828. A phone call is the best (and fastest) way to get your account up and running.

Option 2

Schedule an appointment with one of our setup specialists using our appointment-setting software Setmore. (Did you know the premium version of Setmore is available to all our customers free of charge?)

Option 3

If you already have a script composed in Word or a Google Doc, send us the file (or link) at We'll need 1-3 business days to get it built in our system and will reach out to you with any questions we have during that process.

If you have a marketing campaign or an urgent update, we can almost always accommodate that. Let your Client Account Manager know that you have a mission critical update that needs to be completed. Often we can make the change right then and there, on the phone. If not, we'll push it to the front of the queue and make sure it's completed on schedule.