How do I add webchat to my site?

You can add web chat to your site and offer your visitors another way to connect with your business.

If you choose to handle the chats yourself, the service is completely free. Of course, you can also have your chats answered by your AnswerConnect virtual receptionists, using your plan minutes.

Chat Support Add-On for your AnswerConnect App

To set up chat, first go to the Add-Ons section of the Manage tab in your AnswerConnect App. Choose Chat Support.

In the Chat Support pop-up window, choose Activate.

When the Activate button changes to read "Launch Account," click it again. That will take you to your Chat Support dashboard.

Chat Support dashboard

Project configuration

On the Chat Support dashboard, use the gear icon to navigate to Settings and Project Configuration.

You'll see the Tracking Code there. Copy the code and add it to your website or share it with your web developer.

You can also set your time zone. If you choose Delete Project, the Add-On will be disconnected from your AnswerConnect account (but you can always set it up again later).

Chat settings

Widget theme

Adding the code snippet to your site will create your chat widget. Under Widget Theme, you can customize the widget to match your brand. Add a logo and choose your theme and font colors.

As you make changes, you can see what they look like in the Preview pane on the right side of the screen.

Customize attributes

Under Customize Attributes, you can change the placeholder text. By default, this reads "Post a Message..."

You can also choose to add a Pre-Chat Survey to gather some information from your website visitors.